About us

A family business with a long-term vision.

Personal involvement

Highland Group is a family business that was established as Centre Hotels in 1998 by the Hoogland family. In 2007, the second generation, Jeffrey, Maxine and Steffan took over the reins of the business. In 2018, new life was breathed into the brand, when the new name, Highland Group was introduced. The siblings grew up in the heart of Amsterdam and have years of experience in the hotel and commercial real estate industries.

Our vision

Hotels with heart and property with personality

As a family business, Highland Group is aware of what personal involvement and a long-term vision can yield. We work on continuously improving the quality we offer and often join forces with residents, employers, employees, banks and local authorities to arrive at sustainable solutions together. Respect for the historical value of our buildings plays a major role in this. We feel that it is important for our city to retain its beauty in the future.

The team

Founding Team

The Highland Group's founders & current owners.

Maxine Hoogland

Jeffrey Hoogland



Steffan Hoogland



The people who make it happen.

Highland Group could not exist without a team of dedicated Highlanders.

Jos Kaarsgaren

Aichane Agut

Hotel Manager: The Highlander & The Highland House


Izabela Filipovic

Hotel Manager: Highland Atlantis Hotel


Paulina Przyziolkiewicz

Hotel Manager: Hotel Sint Nicolaas


Andrea Hoddenbach

Hotel Manager: Tourist Inn


Stanley Bos

Head of Technical Services


Patrick Oling

Head of Finance


Get to know us.

From hotels through to residential buildings and commercial real estate. We are always working on improving the quality in these three areas. Would you like to exchange ideas on what we can do for you? Get in touch with us.