Working at the Highland Group

Working at Highland Group means working at an ambitious and successful family business that stands for personal attention for our guests and our employees. Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals who aim to delight and inspire our guests. As a multicultural city, Amsterdam offers people from all over the world a place to be yourself and to express who you are. This also characterises our teams, which consist of employees with different personalities and come from everywhere. We're looking for employees who are creative, energetic and dynamic, and who can add a bit of humour to the service we offer.

Why work at the Highland Group?

Each hotel offers its own, unique experience and has its own target group. The small-scale hotels create a personal atmosphere in which you as an employee are in close contact with our guests and get an opportunity to learn about different cultures. Our employees are genuinely interested in our guests, understand what the guests need and have a passion for hospitality. Working at the Highland Group, you know who your boss, manager, and colleagues are. The teams are close-knit and treat each other like family. The work environment has an open culture with attention for personal development and where your input is welcome.

We know how important our employees are for the success of our hotels. That is why we invest a lot of time in instruction and training. In addition to hard work, we also like to celebrate successes during outings, get-togethers, and parties. When you enjoy your work and do it with a smile, the guests will feel that. This shows in the reviews we get from our guests. We will gladly welcome you to the Highland family! Check out our vacancies on the hotel websites today.

Hotel Sint Nicolaas, Irene, Assistant Hotel Manager

"I started in 2015 as a receptionist at Hotel Sint Nicolaas. Within a year I had moved up to Assistant Manager. Hotel Sint Nicolaas is beautifully and centrally located just a stone's throw from the Central Station. It's not just the location that makes this hotel such a great place to work; it also has a fun and enthusiastic team. The different nationalities, respect for each other, and openness mean that we are a very close-knit team. We share everything together and certainly like to party every now and then.

In addition to all the experiences you have with colleagues, you will also share many with all the guests you meet. Since it's a small hotel, you have a lot of time to talk to guests. You'll learn about different cultures and get to make people happy by providing the little thing".

The Highlander Hotel, Marina, Front office employee

"My name is Marina Engelhart - I moved from Brazil to Amsterdam to study Photography and in January 2018 I joined The Highland Group, as a Front Office employee. I was so warmly welcomed by everyone that I immediately felt a part of the family. The work is challenging and it daily motivates us to be the best version of ourselves at work and out.

What I like the most about working at The Highlander is the friendly, but still professional, atmosphere surrounding us and meeting new people and different cultures every day. Our company truly values people on a personal level, which makes the hardest days just as great as all others. We work with driven people, who love what they do. Join our team and help us provide kind and memorable service".

The Highland House, Francisca, Front office employee

"When the opportunity to work at The Highland House came I didn’t know what to expect. The hotel wasn’t finished yet, the team wasn’t completely made. So anything could happen! Kinda scary right? New job, new hotel, new colleagues. When I arrive for my first shift, I could see this sparkling lamp at the reception and I thought: I’m sure great things are coming! I can only guess our guests have the same feeling when they see it!

The highland house became this amazing happy place, where people come in so excited to visit Amsterdam, to find what room they will get, try foods they never tried, get lost... Everyone comes in full of energy and excitement. I’m there just to be the host of this beautiful home. We share stories, laughs and secrets about our beautiful city. Can you imagine how lovely it is to see our guests at the end of the day, they cannot wait to tell us all about their adventures.

Since it is still such a new project there is so much space for growth and improvement. It's fantastic to see all our team so excited to give their input. Everyone's ideas are taken seriously and every day we help each other. The highland house is an amazing experience for someone who enjoys life and people".

Tourist Inn, Lei-Ann, Breakfast employee

"Hi, my name is Lei-Ann. I started working at Tourist Inn as breakfast lady last September 2018. From the beginning I immediately felt the good atmosphere in the group. I am working and having fun at the same time. I have the chance to meet different people and learn their different cultures. It's also challenging that the breakfast items keep improving and changing. I was able to discover new things and enhance my knowledge about the food I serve.

And what makes Tourist Inn more exciting are the people behind it. They are kind and warm. I've never felt alone with the team. They are always there to help and give you advice whenever u needed them. Our team always respect each other's opinion and suggestion to provide our guests the best quality of work they deserved. And how awesome it is to go out with the team to eat, drink and play together. Teamwork is what you can surely expect at Tourist In".